M.M. Global Technologies provides comprehensive data processing services at cost-effective rates. Our skilled Data Entry operators key in raw data of any form to present it in visual, tabular or textual format in form of useful information. Our domain expertise in managing data extraction, data capture, and Data Entry projects with guaranteed accuracy and fast turnaround time, meets all your business requirements.

So now go ahead and obtain new customers, generate revenue, enhance your current customer communications, and enrich brand equity, by partnering with us and taking advantage of our thorough experience in data management.


Data Processing Service Offerings:

Data Entry

Surveys, Document archiving, Property documentations, Orders, Invoices entry, & many more… Name it and we will provide accurate services across time zones.

Effective data management is mission critical for every organization. Any issue in terms of quality or delay in data processing hampers customer service & the profitability as well.

M.M. Global Technologies provides timely and accurate offshore Data Entry services & data capture solutions to variety of industries and companies. A range of advanced tools and highly experienced in-house team captures your data with the highest degree of accuracy & speed at cost-effective rates.


Service offerings:

  • Offline / Remote.

  • Handwritten / Excel / Alphanumeric.

  • Clerical / Excel / QuickBooks / Tax / Accounting.

  • Bank / OCR / Invoice / Insurance Claims / Survey Forms.

  • Clinical and Medical Billing.

  • Scanned Documents / Images / PDF to Excel.

  • Product Data Entry for eCommerce Stores.


Industry we serve:

  • Insurance.

  • Healthcare.

  • Retail.

  • Banking & Finance.

  • Media & Publishing.

  • Travel & Hospitality.

  • Energy & Utilities.

  • Manufacturing.

  • Transportation & Logistics.


Data Conversion

We offer hard copies, PDF, image to text, data migration / mapping, HTML, XML conversion/validation & much more…quick, accurate & offered at competitive rates. 

one of the leading India based company offering data conversion services to clients across the world. Highly skilled in-house team is capable of executing the task on various technical platforms, database and tools with less time, accuracy and speed. A customized service that may suit your requirements and error-free conversion process with zero data loss is the key attribute of M.M. Global Technologies.

Data Conversion Service Offerings:

  • PDF Conversion

    • PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint

    • PDF to JPG

    • Print to PDF

    • ePub to PDF

    • Docx / Doc to PDF

    • HTML to PDF

    • Scan to PDF

    • PDF to Text, OCR

  • Image To Text

  • OCR Conversion from & to : PDF, Word

  • XML Conversion from & to : CSV, Excel, XSD, HTML, PDF

  • HTML Conversion from & to : PDF, PSD, Word

  • Excel Conversion from & to : PDF, XML

  • Book Conversion


Our well thought out data conversion and document conversion process provides output that all our clients’ desire and deserve. We also provide you with an initial sample work on your requirement. Once you approve, we take it forward from there.

With proven domain expertise in data conversion and document conversion, we assure you of uncompromised quality of services and a prominent outsourcing experience. You also can be rest assured of your information security as M.M. Global Technologies practices multilayered security processes. Outsource your projects to hitech, to give your business a competitive edge.


Forms & Check Processing

Customized and at affordable rates with speedy delivery and high quality, irrespective of complexity and project size.

M.M. Global Technologies is one of the professional India based company offering Forms & Check Processing services worldwide. Latest technology and highly-skilled business experts make us deliver the unmatched quality with complete accuracy at cost-effective rates.

Outsourcing your form & check processing is the solution that you are looking for – it relieves you from the administrative and management responsibilities involved in the overall process. hitech’s belief is to partner its clients in their business goals. We have absorbed this in our work ethics and have successfully built long lasting relationships with our clients, giving us recurring revenues.

Forms & Check Processing Service Offerings:

Forms Processing Services


  • Tax Form Processing

  • Online Form Processing

  • Contact Form Processing

  • Survey Form Processing

  • Registration Form Processing


Check Processing Services


  • Check Data Entry

  • Check Scanning Services

  • Check Verification Services

  • Transaction Verification


Even if the forms are in hardcopy or scanned formats, team of professionals can easily extract all the required and relevant data and organize them in most suitable, digital and editable formats. Expert conclusion to meet your necessities of simple structured forms in tabular or columnar formats, or complex, non-structured forms like questionnaires or surveys are taken in fraction of seconds and executed as per your requirements. Services are suitable for every industry of any size like Healthcare, Higher Education, Government, Finance, Retails, Legal Companies, Banks, Tour and Travel and Manufacturing and other organizations.

We provide one stop solutions for almost all types of form processing & electronic check processing services. We offer warranted data security & confidentiality controlled operation process. Our experienced data processing experts are highly skilled in multiple types of data formats and software by evading infrastructure and manpower management related expenses.

Data Formatting and Cleansing

Comprehensive solutions that encompass de-duping, data filtering, grouping, formatting & validation for effective data representation, management & analysis.

M.M. Global Technologies Data Formatting & Cleansing Services for Clean, Consistent & Up-to-Date Data.

M.M. Global Technologies delivers customized data formatting & cleansing services with accuracy at cost-effective rates. Team of highly skilled resources are experienced in various kinds of data formatting & data cleansing techniques where each and every record is checked manually. It is also cleaned and updated at systematic intervals regardless of the volume and high complexities.

Our data formatting services usually includes formatting a specified set of information or transforming them from one form to other by applying necessary formatting techniques. Our professionals with proven excellence provide you with desired outputs in a wide array of formats including hard copies (CDs/DVDs, Database extracts (texts), excel sheets, MS office, PDF documents, emails, HTML, and many more.

Data Formatting & Cleansing Services fix Color, Size, Font, Text Cases – Lower, Upper, Title, Caption, Field Length, Titles, Data Filtering, Pivot Tables, Subtotals, Graphs, Ascending or Descending Sorting Order, Abbreviations, Total, Phone Number Formatting, Subtotals, Postal Addresses, Zip Codes etc. per specifications

To ensure data consistency and data validation, customized macros or generated scripts are prepared to organize the data in specified formats. We cater various industry verticals across the globe including Telecommunication, Banking, and Retail, Transportation, Insurance, Marketing and many more.


Data Formatting & Cleansing Services includes:

Data Integrity Audit:

The audit simply ensures that the information written in text is located in the field of text only and not in the field of numbers or elsewhere. Apart from this it also applies to other information present in the database as well.

Correction of Address:

The process identifies that the addresses and other contact information of your company are up to date for the customers as well as other contacts. We do undertake the correction of contact information / details of people that may have moved to a different address or have changed their contact numbers or personal information.

Filter Records:

It will help you manage the relevant data and communicate with your prospects efficiently. Each and every record of your customer, company, business and other information are checked manually to remove irrelevant and outdated data to ensure that the information is valid.


Standardize Database:

All the attributes present in the database are standardize for uniformity where typos, spelling errors, missing information like postal codes, dialing codes, e-mail id etc. are filled up. Apart from that it is also checked up for duplicate records and at the end everything gets formatted per your requirements.

Resume Processing

Enabling job seekers to design extra-ordinary resumes as well as employers and recruiters to manage bunch of resumes in a standardized format inexpensively.

We provide resume processing services encompassing resume creation, typesetting, formatting, and modification as per the specific needs of our clients globally; to make the resumes look more professional and presentable. Irrespective of whether you are a HR manager, job fair organizer or staffing agency, our resume processing services come in at cost-effective rates, while we even scan and digitize resumes gathered at job fairs conveniently for value addition to your business.

Resume Processing Service Offerings:

  • Using Standard Font Styles and Sizes

  • Emphasizing Specific Information

  • Resume editing to certain extent

  • Placing information under most appropriate headers.


M.M. Global Technologies has earned the reputation in bulk resume processing services. Team of our skillful professionals provides excellent state of the art resume processing solutions. Wide array of experience lies in dealing with sundry resume processing services through cutting-edge software equipment & infrastructure. We also provide resume processing solutions to Recruitment companies so that the executives have quality time to deliberate on clients & candidate interview. Strict quality control checks are ensured for error-free resume processing & resume formatting services.

We have the expertise in successfully completing your resume processing task in shortest possible turnaround time (TAT) ranging between record 45 minutes to 4 hours. Our staff provides consistent quality, timely service delivery & cost effectiveness across time zones.We follow strict quality control checks to ensure error-free resume processing and resume formatting services&provide professional resume processing service delivery with data integrity& data security.

Our experienced editors, researchers and proofreaders have requisite knowledge of imaging and scanning technology, and document management standards that conform to global standards. Our technically sound staff and specialized data processing teams, use customized software for converting data from any kind of format.

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