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The daily hassle of dealing with large volumes of data continues to pose a formidable problem for businesses and organizations. Accurate transcription is the foundation of efficient and successful data management and is the pre-requisite for possessing high quality business data. Inefficient and outdated methods of transcription can lead to accumulation of mistakes and errors, which can lead to wrong business data and decision-making.


As data management is vital to successful business operation, it is important that organizations find an effective way to manage their online transcription projects. In-house transcription projects may appear to be the way out; in fact, there are more hassles than advantages obtained by carrying out online transcribing themselves. These include dedicated investment of time, cost, resources and hiring of specialized labor and technology, which can be really draining on an organization. This will affect the business productivity in the long run.

General Transcription

This covers interviews, scripts, dictations (letters, memos, time sheets), meetings, business conferences, sermons, speeches, movies, voicemails &educational. Read More…

Inventory Transcription

This encompasses inventory and schedule of condition reports, check-in / check-out reports, interim reports & many more. Read More…


Business Transcription

We extend transcription of audio and video content from investors meetings, conference calls, teleconferences, presentation, product launch conferences, analyst calls and many more for any business across the world.

Media Transcription

It includes transcribing of documentaries, short play, films, talk shows, video tapped events, reality shows, interviews, news, raw footage, group discussion and many more for media industry across the world.

M.M. Global Technologies believes in providing well-timed, accurate, dependable and cost-effective transcription solutions to clients; globally. Veteran transcription with considerable experience follow multilayered quality control processes to deliver exceptional quality of transcripts with data security & confidentiality measures that meets industry standards.

The demand for knowing how to professionally transcribe audio files continues to grow in this content-driven world. 

We work with audio players like Express Scribe to reduce the time spent controlling audio


Quality and client satisfaction are our priority: 

Each completed transcription is thoroughly checked for accuracy before being passed on our clients. We guarantee an on-time delivery of our services, but do not hastily produce your transcription at the sacrifice of quality.

We deliver the work you would indeed expect from a highly regarded, professional transcription service.


We offer quick turnaround on transcripts any day of the week: 

Our team of professional transcribers are ready to get to work as soon as you submit your order. Our transcription experts are available 24/7 to accurately convert your audio to text. If you interview someone for a case study at night, submit it before bed to have the transcription in your inbox before you get to work the next day. 

Why Outsource Transcription Services to MM Global Technologies?

MM Global Technologies provides cost-effective and high quality Transcription services.

Here are some compelling reasons why companies should consider for their online transcription needs:

  • We have 09 years of experience in providing efficient and cost-effective data processing services, which includes online Data Entry/Transcription. 

  • Our unstinting commitment to protection and ensuring confidentiality of client data is a measure of our stand on security. 

  • Our ability to offer 24 hours dedicated customer service and multilingual Transcription projects is a testimony to our capabilities. 

  • We carry out customized and scalable online data entry and transcription projects, which will be completed within the specific time. We will be able to deliver the work even in the case of unforeseen changes such as advancement of deadlines. 

  • Our team of qualified and experienced transcribing personnel is adept at executing transcribing projects of varying complexity in specific time.

  • We use technologies such as Remote Desktop Servers and VPN to carry out online transcription projects for our clients. This ensures the security of the data. 

  • Access to client data is restricted to key data entry personnel and managers who are handling the task. 

  • We accept data sources such as scanned documents, images, html web pages, forms etc. 

  • Software research and requirements gathering. 

  • Our team of data entry professionals carries out the online data entry tasks meticulously, thus ensuring that the final output has greater than 99.98% accuracy. 

  • We have the latest equipment and technology to carry out online data entry, transcription and processing including scanners, processors, OCR, and ICR technology. 

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